Destination: National Park of Messolonghi
Destination: Axios Delta National Park
Destination: Nothern Greece, Epirus Highlands
Destination: Ireon, Loutraki Greece
Destination: Skyros island, Greece
Destination: Ancient site of Delphi
Destination: Ancient Agora of Athens
Destination: Monemvasia, south Peloponnese, Greece
Project: Above
Destination: Nafplio, Greece
Destination: majestic Meteora, Thessaly, Greece
Destination: Valia Kalda Park & Aoou Lake, Epirus GR
Destination: Ioannina, Epirus Greece
Documentary: Archaeological Museum of Thebes
Destination: Byzantine fortified town of Mystas, Greece
Destination: Ancient Messene site, Greece
Destination: Ancient Ephesus site, Turkey
Documentary: Classical architecture of Athens
Destination: Izmir (Smyrna), Turkey
Street: Walking around the streets of Athens, Greece
Documentary: Nympholyptos Cave, Attica Greece
Destination: Ancient Teos site, Turkey
Destination: Şirince (Kirkintzes) Greek village, Turkey
Destination: Aegina island, Greece
Documentary: The ancient Olive grove of Aegina, Greece
Timelapse: When the sun goes down in Athens
Destination: Serifos island, Cyclades Greece
Destination: Ancient Corinth, Greece
Experimental: Astrophotography & night sky
Documentary: At the Fishmarket of Keratsini, Piraeus GR
Destination: Acrocorinth castle, Greece
Destination: The castle of Methoni, Messene Greece
Documentary: The Acropolis Museum, Athens Greece
Destination: Town of Xanthi, Greece
Destination: City of Tallinn, Estonia
Destination: Castle and Port of Nafpaktos, Greece
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